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VoIP Softswitch

HostedSwitch® is a cutting-edge VoIP switch (class 4) for small and medium-size telephony providers and VoIP minutes traders. We have been the leading provider of VoIP services in the cloud for more than a decade. We make sure that despite inherent technical complexities, managing traffic, billing customers, receiving reports in real-time is as easy as counting 1,2,3.

Immediate Softswitch Setup

It takes no time to get a HostedSwitch® account and a couple of minutes to set up proper routing and billing. Click the link below, read the article and you are good to go.

Protocol & Codec Conversion

HostedSwitch® supports H.323 and SIP protocols and automatically converts SIP messages to H.323 messages if needed. If your customers have incompatible sets of codecs, you can also enable Codec Conversion (Transcoding).

Free Software Upgrades

We regularly improve our service by developing new functionality. New upgrades are immediately available to all members at no cost. Please contact us about the features that would make your business more profitable to run.

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